Thoughtful Thursday

In writing this post the thought came to me all of a sudden on a Thursday morning of last week. I was thinking about some of the folks that come to us in our life. How I believe that each come with a purpose for us. Sometimes it may even be for a short period of time. Such a brief purpose you may say.
I was thinking of a small purpose some may think that my “grocery pick-up man” may have. To some he may carry the purpose of just a man that gets your groceries every day to your car for your convenience. Some may even think “wow how does this man serve this small purpose day in and day out”? He indeed does choose to serve this purpose. He chooses to serve you and serve you with a smile on his face every single day. A cheerful heart. To me his purpose is much greater than some may think. His name is Kuma. He came from a small country over to the United States years ago to serve his education. He now works at WalMart serving customers who order their groceries online.
Do you ever wonder sometimes in looking at complete strangers what their life may be or what their past may look like? Do you ever stop to think if they may know how their purpose has influenced others or you?

Make your purpose great. Make your purpose meaningful. It can be so meaningful in so many ways. It’s so powerful that it will carry on through many others without you ever even knowing it.

I pray that today we see the good in people. Their purpose and your purpose that you have for others. Let’s pray for our country and one another. Have a blessed day.

A little side note 👉 My glasses are missing pieces . They’re broken actually but they still serve the purpose …. I still see with them. I still can place them on my face every night. I actually think that the broken ones are more comfortable … Just saying.

Thank you for joining me today in my first ever blog post. I would’ve loved to have retrieved a photo of Kuma for you all but I felt a bit weird asking him if I could take his picture. 😂